When booking please keep in mind that the dates you will actually be hunting will largely depend on the species you are hunting and the area you draw.  Please indicate the approximate dates you wish to hunt.  Precise hunting dates are set by Sweetwater Outfitters after the license drawing.

Camp Hunts are booked tentatively.  Due to possible complications relating to severe weather, range fires etc Sweetwater Outfitters reserves the right to revert Camp hunts to Town hunts at any time deemed necessary to preserve the safety and comfort of Sweetwater clientele.  Any applicable adjustments in costs will apply.  For each hunter/client, Camp and/or Town hunts are considered completed at time of harvest when license tags are filled.

All bookings are subject to my approval and must be accompanied with the required one third deposit for each hunter/client.  

After we receive the required deposit and Booking Form we will forward all necessary license applications to you.

All bookings secured with the required deposit will not be affected by any price increases.

Late bookings received after July 1st, will have a $50.00 per day surcharge for the entire length of hunt booked.  Surcharge for 3 day hunting trip $150.00, 5 day trip $250.00 etc. 

Personal checks will be accepted for deposits.  However, the balances must be paid by Travelers Checks, Cashiers Checks, Money Orders or Cash prior to hunting.

Booking for Trophy Hunts allows the client extra duration only, giving them additional time to see more animals from which to choose and does not guarantee the harvest of trophy sized animals.  

Hunter/client's who book combination hunts and draw for only one animal in the combination hunt will be reverted to a single animal hunt with the applicable adjustments in price.  The full deposit paid on the combination hunt will be applied to the cost of the single animal hunt.  For the past several years Sweetwater Outfitters clientele have had 100% success in obtaining both licenses on combination Mule Deer/Pronghorn Antelope hunts.

Deposits will NOT be refunded to client's who are successful in the license drawing or if there are licenses still available at the time of client cancellation, regardless of reasons. Deposits will be forfeited if Client applies for licenses on their own or through third parties and for whatever reason(s) fail to properly complete the Online License Application Process on the Wyoming Game & Fish Departments Website.  Deposits will ONLY be refunded if Client License Application(s) are successfully submitted in the various License Drawings and Leftover License sales and are then unsuccessful in obtaining a license.  Client's are required to retain their License Application Receipts and provide us a copy along with the Unsuccessful Notice they received from the Wyoming Game & Fish Department.  Refunds will be issued by August 30th of the same year they applied for license(s).  Client's who successfully submitted their License Applications in all opportunities provided and were unsuccesful in obtaining a license will also be given the option to carry over their deposits to the following year, which will also effectively protect them from any price increases on the hunt they booked.

After the license drawing hunter/client's will receive a combined Hunting Schedule/Gear List
which will contain the precise hunting dates, balances owed, reservation confirmation numbers and arrival contact information.  Also included will be a General Release and Assumption of Risk Form which each hunter/client is required to sign and return to Sweetwater Outfitters prior to hunting.

Neither myself or any other person associated with Sweetwater Outfitters will be held responsible for delays or non-access to our hunt areas and/or wildlife due to fog, heavy rains, high winds, drought, heavy snow, fires, general bad hunting weather or other acts of God.
Sweetwater Outfitters makes no warranties or gurantees of any kind expressed or implied for services we provide.  All hunting is FAIR CHASE!  Aviation service is not provided to clients.

To an outsider the Wyoming Game & Fish Departments Non-Resident License Application Booklet can be a bit overwhelming if not intimidating.  Sweetwater Outfitters hunter/client's are spared the frustrations and possible disqualifications from something they overlooked.   Sweetwater Outfitters keeps up on the latest trends and changes concerning the license application procedure.

Sweetwater Outfitters obtains a supply of license applications.  Upon receiving your Booking Form and deposit Sweetwater will forward you the necessary license applications for the species you have booked.  

Upon receiving your license applications you simply fill out the personal information required at the top of the application (name, address, date of birth etc.) leaving the rest of the application blank.  Then return it to Sweetwater Outfitters with the applicable license fee's made out to the Wyoming Game & Fish Dept..  It's that simple.

Sweetwater Outfitters will then finish processing the license application for you.  After processing the applications Sweetwater Outfitters hand delivers them to the Wyoming Game & Fish Dept's Headquarters Offc. in Cheyenne.  Where they are once again double checked for any errors and submitted into the drawing.

The minimum age to hunt and take any Big Game or Trophy Game animal is 12 years of age. An applicant may apply for any big game or trophy game license if he/she is 11 years of age but must be 12 years of age when hunting.  Applicants under age 14 must have a guardian co-sign ANY Big Game or Trophy Game applications.  Persons who are less than 18 years of age and at least 11 years of age at the time of application may apply for a youth license and remit the discounted youth fees.

Hunter Safety Certificates are required of all hunters born on or after January 1st, 1966.

The Wyoming Game & Fish has two license fee systems for Big Game, which they call the Regular Draw and Special Draw.  The Special License Draw requires an additional amount  over the regular license fees.  In theory the Special Draw is supposed to provide a higher percentage of successful applicants.  

From following the trends in the numbers of applications for both drawings we have found that in numerous instances an applicant is provided a better chance of drawing licenses through the Regular Draw because of an unproportionate amount of applicants applying for the Special Draw.  This trend varies from year to year and from area to area.  We do our best to interpret these trends.  As a result of this extra research Sweetwaters client's have enjoyed high success rates in both the Regular and Special License Draws.  

Please submit the Special License Draw fees, we will then make an evaluation as to which drawing will best work for you in regards to the current trend.  If after we make our evaluation for that years drawing and it is shown you would have a better chance in the Regular Draw that is the drawing your applications will be submitted in.  The extra amount submitted for the Special Draw would then be credited to your hunt balance or be refunded.  When you receive your license you will notice it clearly states which drawing your license was obtained from.

At present there is no discount for Youth applications submitted in the Special Draw.

The License fees are as follows;

Pronghorn Antelope - License Application Deadline May 31st 
Regular Draw $286.00     Special Draw $526.00     Regular Youth $124.00

Deer - License Application Deadline May 31st
Regular Draw $326.00     Special Draw $566.00     Regular Youth $124.00

Elk - License Application Deadline January 31st.
Regular Draw $591.00     Special Draw $1071.00     Regular Youth $289.00

NEW FOR 2006  The Wyoming Game & Fish Department has implemented a preference point system for non-resident license applicants.  For a small additional fee you may acquire a preference point.  Preference points are to be accumalated from year to year to be applied in future years drawings.  These points are recommended for those applicants wishing to hunt Trophy Bull Elk.  We will reimburse our clients for preference points they have previously accumalated, when they are used for licensing on a hunt they've booked with us.  

The license draws for Pronghorn Antelope & Deer are normally completed by the second week of June with results arriving by July 1st.

The license draw for Elk is usually completed by the third week of February with results arriving around the 1st of March.  

The leftover licenses from the RESIDENT drawings are added to the non-resident quota and made available to resident and non-residents alike through online and over the counter sales.

Leftover licenses are made available the first part of July after the license drawing.

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