For a large list of references simply email us your request and we will forward same.  The letters below are just a few of many we receive every fall from satisfied client's.  When contacting our references you'll be impressed with their enthusiasm in regards to their experiences with Sweetwater Outfitters.

Thanks Sweetwater Outfitters for a GREAT HUNT !  Ray, I've got to rate you as one of the best if not the Best Outfitter and Persons I have ever hunted with.  Everybody in our group feels the same way.  We really enjoyed ourselves.  Thanks Again for a Great Hunt!

Yours in Hunting
Clifford Shupp
Hellam, PA

Hi Ray, I wanted to thank you for the Wonderful Hunting Experience I had with you this year.  I will always remember harvesting two fine bucks by 9:30 in the morning the first morning out...It does not get any better than that.  The meat is really good too.  Looking forward to getting the mounts back from the taxidermist.  I hope to be hunting with you again in the near future.  Please use my name for a reference.  By the way, all the pictures turned out nice too.

Robert Frank
Bakersfield, CA

Just a note to say thanks for a Great Time and a Great Hunt.  My brother and I had the time of our life hunting Wyoming with your Guide Service.  For folks looking for an Outfitter that is honest, helpful and knowledgeable Sweetwater is the one.  Not only do you hire an Outfitter you make Friends and in my case, get a cool nickname as well!  For my brother and I, from now on, it's Sweetwater Outfitters for us or no one at all!  Like we've told our friends here, "The proofs in the pictures baby!"  Thanks again Ray.

"Deadeye" Darryl & Carson Owens
Bristol, VA & Blountville, TN

Thanks Ray for a Great Hunt and the opportunity to tag along on what turned out to be a Second Great Hunt.  I really appreciated you showing me around.  I like the pictures on your website.  You have some of the best parts of America in your backyard.  Thanks again.

Andy Burak
Livingston, N.J.

Just wanted to drop a note and tell you again how much we Enjoyed Hunting with you.  If we're ever able to get out your way again, you will be our first phone call.  Please feel free to use our names anytime for a reference, as we were all treated great by all guides and yourself.

Thanks Again
David L. Weaver
Rogersville, TN

First, I would like to take a moment of your time to thank you for the Outstanding Job that you guys do.  All four of us guys had a Wonderful Time Hunting and were amazed on how the Outfitter and our Guides treated us on hunting day.  I have never seen two guys work so hard.  My Guide treated my cousin and I like we were his very own children and we really could not thank him enough.  The other two guys on the hunting trip only spoke the same words about their Guide. They both were very Professional.  Thank you again............

Robert Sciarrone / U.S.S.S. Treasury Secret Service
Statten Island, N.Y.

Just a short note to thank you for a Most Memorable Guided Elk Hunt.  We managed to arrive back home in two days...the meat was still solidly frozen.

Uhe Rohde
B.C. Canada

I haven't got my Antelope mount back yet but I am sure they will do a great job.  The horns scored 77 4/8 points after deductions.  Thats a darn good score on a Antelope Anywhere!  Thanks again for a GREAT HUNT!

Gary Bucklein
Milwaukee, OR

What  a Exceptional Hunt!  Everyone was satisfied and then some.  That was the first Antelope hunt for each of us and everyone wants to do that again.  The Deer that were taken were a Best for each hunter.

Both Guides were great.

Thanks again for a GREAT HUNT!

D. Troy
Kent, MI

I wanted to let you know what a Great Time I had hunting in Wyoming last week.  The two days I spent hunting with you were the Highlight of my Hunting Experiences to date.  I can't describe how excited I was walking up and seeing a trophy that I never imagined I would have an opportunity to take.  That excitement was only equaled by the number of animals I saw and the number of good bucks I got to pick from before I decided to take the one.

I also had a great time visiting with you about hunting and Wyoming in general.  You are great advocates for your state.

Had a Fantastic Time and can't wait to get back out to Wyoming for another hunt with you.

Again, thanks for the opportunity to take a Great Trophy.

Bruce McConathy / Captain Edna Police Dept.
Edna, TX

My Brother told me I was on the internet.  Wow did that picture with my Buck ever bring back Wonderful Memories.  Ray rest assured that I'd love to be a 4th time return hunter.  Have only the fondest memories of hunting with you, Charlie and the young guide I hunted with the last time.  I miss the West.  Ray god bless you, your a great guide and a great guy.  I have nothing but praise for your outfit. You're triple A rated as far as I'm concerned.  I'd be glad to tell anyone that.  You were honest and fair all the way.  I was thinking of you just the other day when I was playing with my Winchester Model 70 and remembering the coyote that you killed with it.  Felt kinda flattered that she was used by such a great guide.  I wish you the best.  Thanks again for the memories.

Howard W. Henderson
Marion Station, MD

Hi Ray & Clay,  Thanks for a GREAT HUNT .  It's a real pleasure dealing with people who are not only True Experts in their Field, but Truly Nice Guys.  I was apprehensive that my physical condition would make the hunt a disaster for me, but your equipment and your patience (especially Clay's) made it a truly FUN hunt.  I had a Great Time.

Thank you.
Tony Lanzarone
 Loris, S.C.

I just wanted to say thanks again for a Great Mule Deer Hunt, your Guide Services are Top Notch.  We had a Great Time and I'm looking forward to coming back for an Elk hunt next year.  Please feel free to use me as a reference.

Ed O'Donnell
Somers, N.Y.

Just wanted to drop you a line and say thanks for the Great Hunt and Service you provided.  Both Paul and I will have Great Memories for a long time.  The scenery was spectacular and the amount of Antelope seen far exceeded our expectations.  During our upcoming Missouri deer hunt, I will be talking with another hunting partner about setting up a hunt with you.

Thanks again and be assured if I come across anyone looking for a Wyoming Hunt, I will send them your way.

Thanks Again
Ron Dehne
La Mesa, CA

Hey Ray, I would like to bring another crowd with me again, We had a Ball Last Time.  Please provide me with a password for the Booking Form.  I want to get you over on the East coast to do some Deer & Turkey Hunting.  Thanks Again.

Greg Lewis
Mecklenburg, VA

Hi Ray, I would like to Thank You and (Eric) for a Wonderful Hunt.  My Dad, Brother and I will remember it the rest of our lives.


Mike Wickham
Madison, Ohio
email me